Urgent! Tonight’s Performance is Canceled


I am very sorry to say that tonight’s performance at Jack DeVine’s in Orchard Park has been canceled as of this morning. Please accept apologies on behalf of myself, Jamie Moses, and Ron LoCurto; and stay tuned for upcoming performances in October.



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Contact Info

For bookings and Inquiries


Contact the office at Abdul Inc. 310-277-8080 or 310-904-9393

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Upcoming performances announced ! See “appearances” for more June and July 2013 shows



6.23 The Tudor Lounge | 335 Franklin St. Buffalo, NY | 3-6pm acoustic with Ron LoCurto

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Let Me Update Yaaa




Here we are, in April. I don’t think the saying goes, April snow flurries bring May flowers… But, old man winter is holding us all hostage here in Buffalo, NY. The weather man says by Thursday we’ll see 50 degree weather and the sun shining through. I hope he is right!


I’ve kept busy thus far in 2013. I took a day job a month back. I took my place on the coaching staff for Orchard Park High School Girls’ Rugby team for their upcoming season. I began playing rugby for my own team- the Niagara Wasps up in Ontario, Canada (I look forward to my first game May 11). All this, while continuing on my career path and singing locally multiple times throughout the week. But, my daily life seems small potatoes compared to upcoming possibility and opportunity…


I have exciting news that I am not sure can be released for public knowledge. I’ve been blessed with a friendship in my life with a not-to-be-named superstar celebrity. I am looking forward to some traveling in the next couple weeks that is music business related due to this new, developing friendship. And, I am overwhelmed with great emotion- happiness, purpose, gratefulness, excitement, anticipation, etc. The list goes on and on. I realize, my career is up and running after a bit of a lull since X Factor Season 1. I wish I could elaborate, but I will wait..


Please check out appearances since they’ve been updated for April (I fell off the grid there in March).


Until next time, God bless.



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Bringing in 2013…


I hope everyone is well this Christmas season. We, here in Buffalo, are snow-free and missing it! It doesn’t feel much like the holidays without having to brush your car off every morning. Yes, we complain- but you don’t know what you have until it’s gone ):


Despite the lack of snow and the Buffalo Bills tearing my heart out on a weekly basis, this December is as wonderful as any other. I get to spend time with family and loved ones- my favorite pastime of all time! The band and I are performing as often as ever, which brings me to my next topic…


I am honored to announce that last week, I was awarded Buffalo’s Best Female Vocalist 2012 (sponsored by Nightlife Magazine). The No Moses Band (we refer to the band as “No Moses” when Jamie Moses is unavailable) and I performed at the annual awards ceremony in Depew, NY. We had an absolute blast (shout out to Ed Honeck and Big Jack for putting on a wonderful event). This was my 4th year nominated as Best Female Vocalist, and my second year winning. There’s no other feeling in the world, than to know your talent is appreciated in your hometown. Which brings me to new news…


The Jamie Moses Band and I are honored to be performing at the ball drop in downtown Buffalo on New Year’s Eve for the second year in-a-row! Covered by all local news and radio stations, with over 40,000 Buffalonians bringing in the new year… this is THE place to be. We’ll see you there ;)


God bless all, and Merry Christmas.



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New News

Hi, hi, hi. I hope all is well with everyone. What a beautiful summer it has been in Buffalo, NY, and hopefully in your part of the world, also.


In the last month alone, I’ve seen Rhode Island, San Francisco, LA, and North Carolina; and let’s not forget of course, much of (if not all of) ON, Canada for rugby (Go Wasps- we’ve lost only one match, and I’ve averaged 2 tries per match). Thus far, this summer has been one of hard work (per usual), and excitement to see that hard work pays off. I have to share my excitement and optimism. I’ve dreamed of being a world renowned recording artist since I was little; although, I can’t say that dream was as clear then. I knew I loved Elvis (as a result of my mother’s influence), and I loved that so many people loved Elvis. I never thought my affinity for Elvis and his music would morph into a personal dream and ultimately, a career path for me.


The ride has been rocky at times, but it still remains worth it for me and for my family (my family, not all blood related, is as much a part of this dream as I am, to be honest). At 22 years old, I’ve been a practicing professional singer now for 7 years- performing in competitions, bars, arenas, and at events local and nation wide since the age of 15. Throughout grammar school, high school, and college- years of my Mom, Dad, and brother driving me (or flying with me) to performances, dance lessons, voice lessons, recording sessions (Robbie and Audio Magic<3), musical rehearsal, band rehearsal (and yes, basketball and rugby practice:), etc. I prayed daily to reach a destiny that I didn’t know how to get to myself. Well, the map has begun revealing itself. One person (as well known as they come) has reached out with a genuine heart and a helping hand; and I couldn’t be more grateful. Years of persistence and continuous self improvement landed me in good hands. I cannot say just yet what “New News” I have. But, I can tell you it’s life-altering news. My journey continues with a step in the right direction..


To be continued.




This Week!

This summer is HOT- both literally (it’s been a steady 90+ in the BLO), and figuratively in reference to performances! This week alone, the band and I perform at the Bidwell Park Concert Series in the Elmwood Village, Canal Fest in North Tonawanda, the M&T Plaza Concert Series, and multiple other venues throughout the area. Thursday night we’re downtown, Friday night we’re in Allentown, Saturday night we’re in the burbs… Please check appearances for July 2012 and come out to a show!! Appearances for August 2012 will be posted shortly :)




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May 6 & Other Excitement

For those that are local to the Buffalo NY area- my musician comrades and I are holding a CD Release party on May 6, 2012 at the Armor Inn Tap Room to officially celebrate the coming out of ‘The Ex Factor’ EP. It will be from 7-10PM and it is open to the public- just a casual evening to have fun, listen to great music (I’ll be performing songs off of the CD), and enjoy the Armor Inn’s famous smoked chicken wings.. I hope you will join us! :)

For friends worldwide that I’ve met through travel, email, tweets, or via my Facebook Caitlin Koch Official Fan Page- I’m thrilled to announce that ‘The Ex Factor’ EP is now available on CDBaby.com, as well as through iTunes. I hope that this will make the CD more accessible for all of you wonderful, kind people who supported me 110% during the X Factor process.

Last, but certainly not least- ‘The Ex Factor’ EP is also available at select Wegmans stores throughout NY- if you do not see my face at registers, please ask an employee for information on my face’s whereabouts :)

Thank you again for your support, God bless until next time.

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A Reflection on the Weekend’s Events

Last week was an incredibly busy week for me. With 3 funerals to attend and perform at, voice lessons, rehearsals and 4 performances Thurs-Sun, an audition tape to create, edit, and send in… rugby practices to coach, a rugby game to coach on Sunday… life was nonstop. Needless to say, I didn’t get to catch up on my Law and Order: SVU episodes (Bensen <3).

I thoroughly enjoyed performing with Franco Corso both Friday and Saturday nights. We performed ‘The Prayer‘ (<–see it here) together and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. The lung capacity on Franco is of another world- I asked him for voice lessons.

Sunday morning into the afternoon, I coached my favorite rugby team in all the world- Orchard Park Rugby. We battled the South Buffalo Saints at 2:30pm. South Buffalo scored a try early on. We fought back and answered them (try scored by our fast-as-lightning winger, Ms. Maura). Although we played tough rugby- some unlucky happenings (knock-ons, ball held up in the try zone) kept us from furthering our score. We lost to the Saints 10-5. Since the Saints are in a different class, this game did not count towards our season. Our season officially begins next week against Hamburg.

Sunday night, I performed at Nick Veltri & Sam Guarino’s R&B Revue and it was a blast, as always- performing with the likes of Patti Parks, Dolly D., Billy McEwen, Barbara St. Clair, Denzel Ward, Johnny Soul, etc.; I’m reminded that I have a lot to learn when it comes to this singing business. Our next R&B Revue is on Memorial Day, May 28th- located at Rosebrook Golf Course in Silvercreek, NY, for those interested in witnessing an unbelievable show.

And now, with the beginning of a new week- I’m looking forward to great things. I’m writing and recording with hopes of soon releasing an original EP :) :):) !!!! With the warm weather of summer comes exciting venues. Keep an eye on ‘appearances’- I’ll soon be posting my summer schedule; full of events you won’t want to miss! Talk soon

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Tonight! Opening for The Yellow Jackets of NBC’s show ‘Sing Off’

Ever felt like the last runner to cross the finish line in a race? Well you will now, but I’m not far ahead. Last minute show announcement-

Tonight, prior to Roxy’s bar, Ron LoCurto and I will be the opening act (730PM-8PM) for the sensational acapella group, the Yellow Jackets. The Yellow Jackets, from the University of Rochester, were finalists on NBC’s show ‘Sing Off’ for a consecutive, solid 7 weeks .To see one of their live performances from the show (one of my personal favorites), click here.

Tonight’s show is located at Niagara Falls Performing Arts Center 4455 Porter Rd. Niagara Falls, NY- doors open at 630PM. Tickets are $10 and are available at the door.

Ron and I will be performing acoustically songs off of my latest EP, ‘The Ex Factor’. As well as some surprising covers and originals to keep you on your toes. Don’t miss tonight’s show!


The Ex Factor: Life after Simon Cowell

Good afternoon friends :) What a beautiful day it is in Buffalo, NY. I want to send out a reminder- ‘The Ex Factor’ CD is available for purchase through Conquer Entertainment(C).

A little bit about ‘The Ex Factor’ EP (‘extended play’ for those not well versed in music language, meaning it has only 5 songs in comparison to an album’s usual 10)- It was recorded at Audio Magic Recording Studios in Black Rock, NY, and engineered by Kyle Wierzba. It was produced by a production company referred to as The Sound of Buffalo. This production company is brand new; it features the utmost professional musicians that Buffalo has to offer (Nick Veltri, Sam Guarino, Stephen Sadoff, Ronnie Davis, Ron LoCurto, etc.) and I am honored to say I work with these guys. The EP itself is a reflection of my time on The X Factor USA‘s first season, which ended in December of 2011. It includes the slowed-down, soulful, renewed ‘Stop in the Name of Love’ that I originally auditioned with in front of judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid, and Nicole Scherzinger (Never saw it? Go to the ‘Film’ page). Not many people know that I recorded that version when I was just 15 years old, and I never planned on auditioning with it on X Factor. I perceived ‘Stop’ as my ace in the hole, and I did not want it released until I was potentially signed with a label that would distribute it justly. As fate would have it, my first choice song was not cleared to be aired on live television by FOX Network, thus ‘Stop’ was my second choice (and there’s your fun fact for the day:). Needless to say, the version blew up on Youtube hence why it was re-recorded. Carole King’s ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’ is also featured on the EP- the song I performed poolside at Simon’s house in France. What they didn’t show on t.v.- the song finishes with the line, ‘…will you still love me tomorrow?’… Simon’s answer was ‘Yes, I will still love you tomorrow’. He sent me packing the next day (second fun fact for today:). Also on the EP- an odd favorite of listeners thus far is ‘One More Time’ originally written and performed by Richard Marx. It was my first choice song to audition with (over ‘Stop’), however FOX did not have the rights and therefore I could not perform it. ‘To Love Somebody’ and ‘A Change is Gonna Come’ are tracks on the CD featuring a full band (The Sound of Buffalo)- these are songs I would have loved to perform at the live shows had I made it farther in the competition. All five songs make up the ‘Ex’ Factor- I say EX since being sent home was as heartbreaking as being dumped by a boyfriend I’ve invested in for years. The X Factor was a blissful, almost unreal experience. I sang my heart out in front of audiences that gave me the honor of standing ovations. I had the pleasure of singing in front of some of the most influential people in the music business. I made great friends- people from around the country I would have never met otherwise. Finally, I got to show my family and friends who have supported me since day 1 that this is not just a dream, but it is my reality and it is a possibility.

The X Factor 2011 was an experience I’ll never forget, and ‘The Ex Factor’ EP is an emotional revealing of just how important of a time it was to me. Now that I’ve been dumped (sarcastic undertone, not despair lol), I move on and the possibilities are as unknown as they are endless.


Welcome viewers!

I’m thrilled to be up and running. A great thank you to Michael Belfatto from mbelfatto.com for designing the site. Please make yourselves at ‘Home’- I’ll be posting here regularly. Feel free to comment back! You’re currently listening to my latest EP ‘The Ex Factor’, which features songs I performed on the show ‘X Factor USA’ including full length versions of ‘Stop’ as well as ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’. Those interested in purchasing and owning your own CD can click the ‘Buy Music Here!’ button- you’ll then be redirected to Conquer Entertainment© where you can make your purchase!

     Want to see a live show? I’m performing in and around the Buffalo, NY (Go Bills) area on a weekly basis. Visit the ’Appearances’ page to view a schedule of where I’ll be performing. Ruggers can visit the ‘Ruck N Roll’ page and learn more about my rugby career past and present. The ‘Life’ page sheds light on my life story and tells you more about yours truly. ‘Film’ and ‘Pictures’ being self explanatory, I think that’s it for now- please enjoy the site, stay informed about future performances, and thank you for stopping by. God bless – Caitlin